What is PPC and Do I need it?

PPC is short for “Pay Per Click” which is a form of advertising online. There are many companies that benefit from PPC that are correctly targeting to niche markets. It is always advised that you ask an SEO expert to help you navigate the many pitfalls that exist in PPC with Google, Yahoo/Bing, MSN and small search engine Ad Platforms.

It is vital to have assistance handpicking your keywords you would like to advertise and choosing your best converting products to push. The process of running a “Pay Per Click” campaign can be an expensive, but a very rewarding experience when you get users to respond to your ads and begin purchasing your products. However, PPC can change very quickly in terms of what users are buying/clicking, so you must ensure you are using inexpensive but high converting keywords or it is not worth it. Eventually with the help of an SEO Guru or months of your own research and dedication to the job you can be running a very well managed PPC campaign. PPC campaigns could result in a good deal of profit if done correctly.

Using PPC does NOT give you the ability to neglect Organic SEO! The more keywords your Organic SEO Team can get you ranked for on the first page means…You DON’T pay for that term ever again on PPC! Thus the more keywords you rank 1st page with your the less you will be paying PPC Ad Firms.

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