What is the Problem with Do It Yourself Websites?

If you are just starting up and your budget is tight this may be the only option you feel you have. At MWD Web Design we offer DIY Websites for this exact reason, and you can find them by navigating to the Domains and Hosting link. With that said I definitely recommend a Custom Built Website that can be easily edited down the road or upon redesign/revamp. This makes for low cost updates each year. 

Why do I recommend paying $1000.00+ for a custom designed website? Well, You own it for life to start with! The only fee you will ever pay after your site is developed would be for hosting and a domain name yearly, but you own it all and can easily store on a zip for migration to another host if needed.

If you purchase a DIY Website please remember you lose it when you stop paying for the hosting and domain costs.  This is not a good option if you think you may ever want to move your website or plan on being in business for years to come.

Lastly and probably most importantly the DIY Websites do not allow for the types of customization that custom web designers can accomplish without headaches.

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