What is The Single Most Important Thing About Your Website?

This is definitely a topic that always plaques users and gurus in my opinion… I truly believe that the answer to this question is 3 fold or more… In 2017 going into 2018 with a large amount of mobile web users we have to consider things that didn’t matter years ago in website design and development.

  1. Is your Website/Code Clean and User Friendly/Attractive?
  2. Has your Website Design been optimized to be a Responsive Website Design?
  3. Do you have an Organic SEO Team or Strategy in place?

My top 3 don’t even include SEO Content Writing which I believe as an SEO is KING; as well as integrated social media that is proper for your niche site. It is also very important you work with a Website Design Firm that specializes in SEO Coding for speed or you may find yourself having to have your website code redone to adhere to Google Standards.

If you are curious if your site is up to Google Speed Standards please see the link below and test out your website with Google!

Run Google Speed Test 



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