Find and Remove Unused CSS code

Is your website loading slowly? You likely have Unused CSS code on your website. Did you know that about 35% of all CSS code is unnecessary! As a result, removing Unused CSS code and rules can greatly improve the speed of your website. Removing Unused Code Increases SEO Search Engines like Google and Yahoo calculate […]

Do I need a Progressive Web App?

Mobile-first indexing is here and the need to optimize for mobile is imperative; as well as the need for a progressive web app.┬áThe majority of website traffic generated worldwide is from mobile accounts. Statistics show that almost 30% of people who search for something nearby on their smartphone will end up making a purchase. Will […]

How do I perform an SEO Audit?

You may be new to Search Engine Optimization or looking to improve your website SEO when the question arises. How do I perform an SEO Audit on my website? Performing an SEO Audit is easy It’s true. It’s simple to perform an SEO Audit on your website just like a professional SEO. In order to […]

Do I Need A Blog On My Website?

You may be building a brand new website for your business or thinking about your current internet marketing strategy when the question arises. Do I need a blog for my website design? Blog on my Website? The answer is yes. We hear many business owners say: “But, I’m in the (insert your industry here)… and […]

Keyword Phrases And How They Factor Into SEO

Keyword Phrases are the cornerstone of your website. They’re the main part of your SEO plan. It is essential to do keyword research in order to outrank your competition. Popular tools like Google Adwords rely on keyword phrases to sell customized ad units to interested users who are likely to find your website listing. Keyword […]

Hosting Affects Search Engine Optimization

Does your website design load fast or slow? If you answered slow, your search engine optimization could be affected. SEO’s affected by the time it takes to load a website page. But, website load times are not always affected by the website designer’s or programmer’s code. Website’s are negatively affected by slow loading shared hosting […]