Do I Need A Blog On My Website?

Search Engine Optimization

You may be building a brand new website for your business or thinking about your current internet marketing strategy when the question arises. Do I need a blog for my website design?

Blog on my Website? The answer is yes.

We hear many business owners say: “But, I’m in the (insert your industry here)… and a blog doesn’t seem like a good fit for my site.” As a result, they greatly limit chances of high Search Engine Results Placement.

You don’t have to call it a website blog. It could be called tips, news, resources, etc., but if you want to have a successful website online, you need to have a place for new content creation. You don’t need to write a blog every day. Update the space with relevant content and keyword phrases as often as you can (weekly is ideal).

The industry standard

Every successful company has a content writing marketing strategy. Even a company as successful and old as Jim Beam has had to start a new chapter, as a result of the internet.

Imperative aspect of content marketing

Consider the content section as a way to begin a dialogue with potential customers. It’s a part of your website where you create online content (articles, images, tips, how to’s, infographics, ebooks, videos, etc.) that is intended to help, engage, or educate users. This content is meant to solely engage the reader. As a result, the information shouldn’t contain too much brand marketing.

Benefits of electronic content marketing:

  • Share brand voice
  • Build brand credibility
  • Create and maintain relationships with your users
  • Generates traffic to your website
  • Increases website leads
  • Helps engage your audience
  • Builds natural backlinks
  • Set yourself apart from the competition
  • Increases chances of going viral
  • Drives repeat business
  • Improves Search Engine Optimization

Very popular with search engines

Content marketing is growing as more business’s see the benefits of creating their own unique content. If you aren’t producing anything right now, you need to! A blog or spot for content on your site is a must. Website blogs give visitors an immediate way to engage with your content. Unique content writing gives Google and other search engines more ways to find your website!

Use social media marketing as an extra resource

Not only should you create great engaging content, but you should share it on social media to get more website page views. Creating great content will help establish a trust with your users, because they will see you an expert! 

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