Find and Remove Unused CSS code

Search Engine Optimization

Is your website loading slowly? You likely have Unused CSS code on your website. Did you know that about 35% of all CSS code is unnecessary! As a result, removing Unused CSS code and rules can greatly improve the speed of your website.

Removing Unused Code Increases SEO

Search Engines like Google and Yahoo calculate page speed as a factor in SEO rankings. As a result, the faster your website loads the better your chances of increasing your position in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). It has always been difficult to remove old CSS code.

Not anymore! Unused-CSS is here! is the ultimate solution for reducing website CSS files. Not only does Unused-CSS offer an automated cleaning solution, but they also offer a management suite! The software has a free account option that allows you to test drive it’s performance. You will not be disappointed when you see how much savings you can receive by cleaning and compiling CSS code. You have the option to save and crawl multiple websites or schedule CSS crawls for full automation!

Should I pay to upgrade to Basic or Premium?

Absolutely! The free trial will only allow you to enter 1 website and see the potential savings. If you want to add more websites or even download the cleaned CSS files you will need the Basic version. Large companies or websites looking to manage more than 4 sites or 5000 pages at a time will not need the Premium version of the software.

How easy is it for beginners?

See the image below after you upgrade your account. Simply click the “Add a new site” button to get started.

Unused CSS, Add a new site Dashboard illustrating an Add a new site button.

Now enter your website and crawl preferences

The image below shows how easy it is to add and crawl your website URL on a schedule or just one time! The software provides many advanced crawling options. As a result, it’s easy to ensure your CSS files stay up to date.

Add a Site Detail, Unused CSS
Illustration of Add a new site details after clicking Add a new site button.

What’s next?

Save your website details and wait for the CSS crawl to complete! Unused-CSS will send an email to the address on file when the crawl is complete.

Unused CSS, Crawling CSS
Unused-CSS dashboard illustrating completed site entry and waiting for crawl results.

The crawls complete! Now, What?

The fun part! Prior to installation, Analyze your newly cleaned CSS results with the ‘view results’ button to ensure all elements of your website are still loading.

Unused CSS, View Results Window
Illustration of ‘View Results’ window in nused-CSS showing website with newly cleaned CSS loading.

If everything on your website pages are loading normally you may proceed to downloading the newly cleaned CSS files. How can I tell if my website is loading faster as a result of the clean? Test the speed of your website with Google PageSpeed Insights. If you need help with anything the support at Unused-CSS is fast and efficient!

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