How do I perform an SEO Audit?

Search Engine Optimization

You may be new to Search Engine Optimization or looking to improve your website SEO when the question arises. How do I perform an SEO Audit on my website?

Performing an SEO Audit is easy

It’s true. It’s simple to perform an SEO Audit on your website just like a professional SEO. In order to have the SEO Audit run properly you must ensure you have the latest version of Google Chrome installed on your computer. If you don’t have Google Chrome installed click the text link above.

Installed Google Chrome. Now, What?

Open the URL you want to examine on Google Chrome. In this example we will use See the picture below.

Google, Settings, More Tools, Developer Tools
Illustration of the Google More Tools, Developer tools menu. Ctrl+Shift+I

Now click Developer Tools or Ctrl+Shift+I

As a result, It will open Audits as seen in the image below. Now, simply customize your Audit preferences and click “Run Audits”. That’s it!

Google Developer Tools
Illustration of the Google More Tools, Developer tools menu. Ctrl+Shift+I

I see my Audit score! Now, What?

Well, that is an entirely different blog article. But, I will say the results of your SEO Audit are five fold. You will receive individual scores based on Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO, and the existence of a Progressive Web App. See the image below.

SEO Audit Result, Google Chrome Audit Tool
This illustrations provides specific scores and results in each category scored by Google’s Audit.

How do I improve my Audit scores?

The Google Audit score can be improved by lowering file sizes, adding alt attributes, and cleaning up unused css, js, and HTML code. As a result, you will ensure you receive a higher overall Google Audit and SEO score. But, It’s important to remember that many of the items you will need to fix require an extensive understanding of website coding. Take your time and be careful you don’t delete necessary website code.

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