Keyword Phrases And How They Factor Into SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Phrases are the cornerstone of your website. They’re the main part of your SEO plan. It is essential to do keyword research in order to outrank your competition. Popular tools like Google Adwords rely on keyword phrases to sell customized ad units to interested users who are likely to find your website listing.

Keyword Phrases are also your free pass to website traffic for your website content. It is free to utilize keyword phrases in your content, but it does take time and energy to research the correct ones for top niche market placement. You must write good content with your keyword phrases in order to achieve top search results.

Keyword Research and Analysis
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What are keyword phrases?

Basically, keyword phrases are short, simple descriptors that people type into search engines (like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, MSN, Dogpile, Yelp, etc.) in order to find information or answer a question about a specific interest or need. For example: “Florida website design,” “things to do at St Pete Beach, Florida,” or “order CBD online.” (little “summaries” that return information, keyword phrases are a way to sum up what a business or brand does or offers).

The thing about keyword phrases is that users create them to match their search queries. These specific phrases are imperative to your search engine optimization (SEO) because they help online users find your website on the internet and quickly understand what your website is about.

Not only do keyword phrases help real people find your website, but they also broadcast to Google that someone searched your website using a specific term, which helps Google create a profile for your website.

Keyword phrases and your SEO plan

SEO is not just limited to keyword phrases – But, keyword phrases and keywords are a large, important aspect of your SEO strategy.

The goal of SEO is to get your website near the top of the search engine results page (SERP) for the search terms your targeted audience is typing in. If your targeted audience sees your website pop up on the 1st page of the SERP’s, they will have an easier time finding your website, learning about your company or business, and purchasing your products or services.

At top SERP’s, you will be visible, accessible, and respected. In return, this means lots of traffic and ultimately, increased sales. You want to climb the SERP’s so people don’t have to scroll through 100’s of search results on Google or Bing. Most web searchers scan the first page only, and if they don’t see what they’re looking for, they’ll move on.

Remember there is no way your website can climb the SERP’s and be visible to your target audience if the search terms your audience is typing in are nowhere to be found on your website.

Where to put keyword phrases

Spread them evenly throughout your website content. It shouldn’t be too difficult to add them in, as these phrases are the main topics and themes of what your business is about. Websites get in trouble when they try to include phrases awkwardly into content. Example: “Are you looking for a Excellent injury law firm, St. Pete, Florida?”

Don’t force keywords into content in order to achieve the result. It will only hurt your website and the reader. Website content should be helpful and written in a normal voice. Some keyword phrases (like the above example) are just too difficult to incorporate into paragraphs that users will read.

How to choose the right keyword phrases

When you are starting on your SEO plan, the first part of your strategy always includes creating a keyword phrase plan. It’s important to pick the right keyword phrases! You want to find phrases people are already searching for in your niche market. You don’t want to waste time optimizing for key phrases that no one searches. 

How do you decide what keyword phrases to pick?

Thankfully, you don’t have to guess what people are searching in Google. You can use Google AdWords with an account to research what keywords and phrases people commonly search, and also see how many of your competitors are using the same keywords. Key phrases and words can be anywhere from “low” in competitiveness to “high”. 

Your phrases have to be broad enough that many people search them often, so that you’re targeting a real niche need. Keeping that in mind, some key phrases are too specific – SEO’s call these “long tail key phrases.”

I’ll give you an example. I can’t imagine you would choose “I accidentally spilled soda on my father’s desk, what can I use to get it out” because that’s entirely too specific, and there probably won’t be enough searches per month to justify optimizing the key phrase (caveat: I could be wrong. I have not checked).  Key phrases also have to be specific enough to pinpoint a real, exact need or niche people are looking for. “desk stain remover” might actually be a really popular search – who knows? I would probably Google it.

In conclusion keywords are essential to SEO success. If you choose the correct ones you can realize major traffic growth and visibility!

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