Should you buy Social Media followers?

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The idea to buy social media followers may seem wrong to some. However, it is not illegal to purchase them. The most important thing to keep in mind is follower quality. Research the company you are purchasing social media followers from and make sure they offer a money back guarantee? This is usually a good indication of the quality of the service. We tested the social service LikesForge in our case study. More about them later!

Don’t buy Social Media Bots!

Are you purchasing real or fake accounts? Many companies offer bots or fake followers that are inactive. Inactive followers do not provide your social media account any additional value. Avoid companies that do not offer targeted niche followers. It may also be important that your users are in the United States. Make sure you have country targeted services to get the most for your business.

Are your Social Media followers fake?

When did they join? How many followers do they have? Do they follow anyone that is following you? Do they like, retweet or share content? It is important to ensure you have active followers. Inactive followers will ONLY make your business seem popular at a glance.

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Do they increase business interactions

If you buy social media followers make sure they are increasing your b2b interactions. Align your company with a service provider that targets niche followers. You should ideally work with a social media follower service that targets users in your niche market.

We tested LikesForge in our Case Study

The service provider was very fast with delivery! We gained 700 followers to our twitter account and currently over 600 of them still remain. However, The vast majority of followers were from Russian speaking countries. As a result, these users will likely not engage with our English oriented services. Therefore, we would primarily recommend LikesForge to Russian businesses looking for followers, like, retweets etc.

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