Veteran SEO Plan

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Veteran SEO Plan


SEO Keyword Discovery
(Deep keyword market research/competitive analysis)
Target Local Keywords
Target Local Keywords(7)
On-page SEO
(Up to 7 pages)
Off-Page SEO
(link building, copy writing, video marketing, social marketing)
Website/Blog Content Writing
(2 x 500 Word Article/month)
Content Submission
(Top search engines for indexing)
Social Media Sharing
(Share website content to social media channels weekly)
Social Media Page Creation
(Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn)
Authority Backlinks Creation
(Web 2.0 - Yelp, Kijiji,, guest blogs)
Google Sitemap / Google Analytics / Google Webmaster Tools Integration
Website Maintenance
(Updates to themes, plugins, security & Spam/Virus Protection, Minor web edits)
Monthly SEO Performance Reports
(Google PageRank, Google Analytics, Website Traffic, Backlinks, Organic Ranks)

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